January 2022 – Cycling Submission

Imagine this: you live just outside of Trim and you want your kids to be able to cycle to school, but the only route available is on the Dublin Road. While you’ve seen fearless cyclists speeding along in their Lycra bike kits, this road is much too fast for children! But what if there were a safe cycle route for short trips in and out of Trim from nearby areas?

Or, imagine that your bike-loving friends are visiting and you want to take them on a tour of Trim Castle and the Bective Abbey. Again, the only routes available would take you on roads built for cars – not particularly scenic, and not particularly safe. What if there were a greenway between Trim and Navan, leading you along the historic canal and past our treasured landmarks, away from the fast-moving cars?

In January 2022, the National Transport Authority invited comments/submissions to the Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area. The Trim SEC made a submission suggesting several routes in and around Trim to promote commuter cycling, overnight tourism, and rural utility cycling. Many of our suggestions were drawn from existing, historical plans for new cycle infrastructure that had not been included in the NTA’s most recent Transport Strategy.

Our vision is to see a network of cycle paths and greenways that are accessible not only to residents of Trim, but to the thousands of neighbours who live in nearby towns, villages, and rural areas. We want to see cycle infrastructure that makes daily commuter cycling easier, along with leisure cycle paths that promote tourism and outdoor activity.

Check out our submission here!

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